Completed Events


XR for business

Singapore. July, 2019.

Protiotype supported the XR Assembly's inaugural event at WeWork Singapore.

This event marked our first opportunity to trial the crisp and bright optics of the Lenovo ThinkReality A6 smart glasses



Protiotype's second Augmented Spaces event was held at Publicis Sapient as part of Singapore Design Week in 2019.

Video and photos from the event will be uploaded to soon.

UX Design Science Workshop

Protiotype's November 2018 UX workshop.

November, 2018. A new round of refurbishment at our Singapore Polytechnic Smart FM / Sustainable Building Lab was completed in October 2018. Contractors have dismantled the simulated hotel lobby, removed superfluous decorations and painted the surfaces of the space white such that our Sustainable Building exhibition can grow to fill the entire space.

A User Experience workshop was held at the Lab in November and attended by twenty Protiotype stakeholders. Decisions were made to include new products in the Lab such as facial recognition access control from our partners OneConnect Financial Technology (Singapore); gesture remote control from Visimote and vibration and flow sensors from EverComm Singapore.

Five panels and a projector from SONY have been installed and connected to a central server. Soon, a digital media system from Exterity will be installed to manage media content to the SONY devices.

An illustration of the Dunwell Bio-waste management solution will be added to the Smart Sustainable Building mural before the end of this year.

SP Workshop.

12 May, 2018. The development of our smart sustainable building showcase at Singapore Polytechnic continued with a half day workshop. Read more about Protiotype and the Singapore Polytechnic project here

Augmented Spaces 2018


Sinagpore Design Week 2018. Protiotype's event for Singapore Design Week 2018 featured live hands-on demos of mixed reality smartglasses, eye-tracking technology, remote control by gesture, and designing of AR experiences from scratch.

Protiotype & SP stakeholder Event.

29 November, 2017. Read more about Protiotype and the Singapore Polytechnic project here

Mixed Reality for Human Enhancement (MHRE)

CITEC-I2R 2017. Protiotype's Gregory Cornelius spoke at the CITEC-I2R workshop in Singapore on August 28. Greg's topic was 'The World Is Your Interface: the physical world is ready for a digital augmented reality operating system'. The workshop stimulated interaction between different research and application communities with respect to applications in the area of MRHE.

Singapore Polytechnic Workshop 1.

Saturday, 12 August, 2017.

DAQRI Augmented Live.

Wednesday 24 May, 2017. Protiotype, in conjunction with our partners, presented DAQRI Augmented Live. This was the first visit by DAQRI to Singapore, and the first opportunity for Singaporean's to try the DAQRI Smart Helmet and DAQRI Smart Glasses.

IoT Asia Conference

30 March, 2017. Protiotype's Gregory Cornelius moderated a panel discussion at IoT Asia conference. The topic was AI, Augmented Reality, and the Future Workplace. Protiotype stakeholders Sridhar Sunkad, MD of Eon Reality, and Arshi Pathan, Director of Industrial AR, were joined by Vanessa Radd, VP of the VR/AR Association and Rob Lang, CEO of Australia's Protiotype stakeholders Stephen Day, from The Innovation Factory, and Nicolas Payen, from Future Economy Studio, also took to the stage at the conference.


Intelligent Interiors buildathon.

11 February, 2017. Held on a Saturday at EON Reality's office in Singapore. This workshop was a continuation of the build that began on Jan 21.

Clunky Machine.

Saturday January 21, 2017. The community gathered to build what we call the 'clunky machine'. The purpose of this hackathon was to start building the components of the Intelligent Interior - Future Workplace. Kindly hosted by Eon Reality.

Teams completed specific tasks by the end of the day. We achieved - Proximity counting with Kismet passive Wi-FI scanning and Raspberry Pi with JSON front end integration - 3D room modelling with Fusion 360 to create a virtual version of a physical space - Augmented Reality operating system - An "Office at your disposal" user journey - A lot of fun, passion and excitement.

Fun fact: we can now play music videos that adapt to the number of people in the room 😍

Things we worked with: Hololens, Epson Moverio BT-300, Bosch XDK, Amazon Echo Dot, and Raspberry Pi.

Intelligent Interiors Workshop.

Held on Saturday October 26, 2016. EON Reality hosted twenty Protiotype stakeholders in a busy day of debate about the Intelligent Interiors concept. Our wide-ranging discussions helped to define what an Intelligent Interior is. By the end of the day we reached concensus that our project would focus on the workplace of the future, and that we would seek to find a permanent home to build a Protiotype research laboratory to explore the idea further.

Design Discovery Tour

Singapore Design Week, 2016. Rob Peart and Greg Cornelius lead Protiotype's project at Singapore Design Week 2016. We designed a web app that worked with BLE beacons to reveal a design tour of Singapore's Chinatown and Little India. Thanks to Design Hotels and many of the small local businesses for their support of this project.

Protiotype The Exclusive IoT Product Design exhition at Sydney Design

The Protiotype Internet of Things product design exhibition at Central Park Mall. Part of Sydney Design 2014.

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